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Yellow Gold Hoops

Roma Chain

  • $ 1995

  .75" Inches   SKU: E-295 
1" Inch            SKU: E-296
1.25" Inches   SKU: E-297
1.50" Inches   SKU: E-298
1.75" Inches   SKU: E-299
  2.0" Inches   SKU: E-300
2.25" Inches   SKU: E-301
2.50" Inches   SKU: E-302
2.75" Inches   SKU: E-303

Every girl should have a pair of hoop earrings in her box of go-to accessories, and stainless steel is a safe choice because it is both resilient and classic. A glamorous row of White Clear Stone Pave gems along the inner and outer rims of these fashion hoops earrings provide a flashy sparkle that you will love. Guaranteed to become one of your fashion staples, these hoop earrings will make you look beautiful and elegant every time you snap them on.

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